October 8th, 2009


(no subject)

so, more poetry trevett
let's do one together
your line first

open your heart, let it fly free
Like water does in the stream
the toxicity
If love and Empire tremble
and not all is lost
Like a soft cloud pulled to the earth
she embraces the way
a summer melody is worth
a string in a harp or a glancing sigh
As if heaven dawned upon the world
and the way was clear
Her love glowed in the faces of children
or the gentle touch of a hand
Desire builds a tender shaft
that like an open book
Not hungry, not a raft
could share a sense of mystery
Antonio stood before her, awestruck
but he never really knew
That a loveless man, whereupon she came
meant even more than the simple breaths
of tomorrow
or today, and so she sang
Interlaced of leaves and moss
the tremulous shiver grown
and waves that chain our love to the storms
are gilded with fatuity
Californian tree-tops slanting to the sea
reflecting all hope and gentle peace
Motherly smiles and radiant warmth
To rise above all sorrow here, and so the lovely one yet sings
The mechanical herbage depasturizes in hymm
but iron remains
In the grooves of old dreams
a shadow of a thought wends and weaves
in the balcony the old woman beams
who could survive that onslaught
That speckled beak flies to our hearth
all could see it there, so cold, so free
that luke would say unto his father Darth
"why did you take my limb from me"
O! Ben, you naughty man
a wastrel in the night
Mechanical junks and desert sand
and twin suns of ill repute

Burrowed under a fear that no longer rhymes
but we all like to bleed
Avenging our love of senses and unprosperous acts
so cut by cut we take our turns
A voice to warn
invulnerability doesnt care
And sometimes the poor are sworn
and sometimes they die
and autobiographical they lie
clap a hand to their backs
And yawn of a bitter venture(brothers)
and just say, that's life
upon whose instructions we form subtle thoughts
and shiver away from actions
the longest rope of love
was never yet the length of those who strive to be imagined